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Advocating Poems that speak out...fightin' for a cause, public or personal, all are of equal importance...

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Old May 9th, 2005, 02:40 PM
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I wrote this from a place of experience, disgust, vigilance, exhaustion, and movement...I hope that just made sense. PEACE.

“We must unify as a people before we can truly be equal”
“Yo, we gotta stop callin’ our women bitches and hoes, they are queens.”

These are the lines of a conscious brotha
Educated on the political but the emotional is a whole ‘notha
Story, watch a conscious brotha stand in all his glory
Spewing facts, solutions, and punch lines all up in his rhymes
Unaware that political and emotional intelligence cross paths to coincide
Like the 60’s this is the time of the conscious brotha and conscious brothas search out conscious chicks
That would be cool if consciousness wasn’t such a gimmick
I’m sick and tired and tired and sick
Fist in the air in public; in private grabbin’ your dick
And lettin’ those three words you think every girl longs to hear slip
I’m tired and sick so I write
But fake conscious brothas like you get more time on the mic
‘Cause I’m speaking the real and the real is the feared and the silenced
I’m tired and sick of hearing STOP THE VIOLENCE
From so-called conscious brothas who think that sex without love isn’t an act of violence
I’m tired and sick
Got arenas of our youth in the crowd tryna get their fix
Searching for something true, but the truth is faded
Wonder why so many sistas stay bitter and jaded
Well how would you feel if you were slept on by someone you thought was conscious?
Seeing beauty in someone with your heritage and experience, forever indirectly bonded
They don’t think it’s cool to act a fool, go dumb, remain ignant
But this scenario I describe is far from a figment
Dangerously close to sickening
And after jail, drugs, and drive-bys our choices turn into limits
And while we stand by our men they trade us in for faces that in our mirrors aren’t similar
Got all us sistas sittin’ in storage like some secondhand furniture
Only take us out when you’re down on your luck
Why are we only good enough to be your backbone and your buck?
But never good enough to be your queen with a ring
Yeah, you must be conscious ‘cause you stay in red, black, and green
And you can quote lines from speeches by Martin Luther da King
I’m tired and sick, you wear consciousness like rappers wear bling
To draw attention to yourself, ain’t really down for a cause
If I said revolution, you’d have to sit down and pause
Oh yeah das dat word that gets them conscious chicks to drop da drawls
I’m tired and sick and sick and tired; I’m bruised
‘Cause my sentiment’s so evident, I’ve been misused
Unconscious conscious brothas oh yeah they exist
Some of them are in the audience getting their fix
Searching for a conscious sista they’re hunting me like prey
Sista I was so inspired by what you had to say
And if I give them that look that says I see through the bullshit
I’m minimized and trivialized into a triple B, Bitter Black Bitch
Ay, but don’t call her a bitch though, last week she let me hit
I’m so exhausted and ill with being tired and sick
My beauty doesn’t extend to wifey; it ends just before trick
And my only recourse is to expose you when I write
But fake conscious brothas like you get more time on the mic
Well this is my time; yeah yeah this is our night
I’m speaking for all of my bruised sistas who daily live with this plight
I’m tired and sick and I’m searching for a remedy
But oh, I forgot, conscious brothas like you ain’t feelin’ conscious sistas like me
Old May 9th, 2005, 03:42 PM
Eye M Woman Eye M Woman is offline
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Well sis....u said conscious just one too many times...so it became over kill...and the whole piece came out more as some angry fumings than a poetical expression of those thoughts you have.....plus this topic is oft done.....everyone claims someone is bout it or not really bout it but..the difference lies in how it is presenetd.......u have to come with the newness.....or a topic like this becomes very cliche.Stay scribing though....even if it is just to vent.

Old May 11th, 2005, 10:57 AM
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ah . eyem said it best in terms of the writing . already

with the topic though . if that is what they’re truly showing selves to be about . and its in complete opposition of that which you’re seeking . then they’re not the men that would ever merit completion in your being regardless and the energy spent on the frustrations . is draining only you . in a world where difference is an ascription . and decision nothing more than a choice toiled under its teachings . where definition . is written purely . by its reader

so . i can only wish you best on your journeys with hope you find what you seek in peace.
"Teenage angst has paid off well. Now I'm bored and old." - Kurt Cobain
Old October 30th, 2008, 03:16 PM
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Time Stamped
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can't prove it, Respect tho.
these are extraordinary times we have become accustom to.

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